The Foundation and construction.




There are a few houses being built along my route to work that I have been noticing as I drive. Some are smaller more modest homes, others are larger, fancier houses. What I have noticed that is that some have been in the process of being built for a longer time period but all are nearing completion at the same time, in fact one group that seemed to be moving slower is actually going to be finished first. Some of the homes in both categories had a lot of ground work done, the contractors brought in the equipment and dug did a lot of prep work before putting in the foundations. Some of the homes are being built on concrete slabs, others are being built with basements. But, they were grading the lots, using heavy equipment to pack the soil and make sure any areas that were filled were allowed time to settle and then they went back and repacked the soil before starting to build. The other places, different contractors came in, quickly graded the lots, dug foundations and started pouring concrete.

The first bunch of contractors, that took time to prepare the lots well, seem to be taking just a little longer building the houses also. Watching the work it seems the lumber is a little better quality, the carpenters seem to be more experienced and don’t seem to be rushing about as they work, but taking their time, doing it right. The houses on the lots that were not prepared as well seem to be using poorer quality lumber and the workers are always in a rush and I have seen a few times where they put up walls, then the next day, the walls were back down and being rebuilt.┬áIt made me think of an expression I have heard, “Rushed is quick, quick is sloppy, sloppy is slow.” Usually followed by examples and then followed by, “Slow is smooth, smooth is accurate, smooth is fast.” If you rush and hurry, don’t do things quite right, you have to redo them and then you end up finishing behind schedule while if you take your time, do things right, you finish on or ahead of schedule.

I also noticed that the same companies were building in a different subdivision 5 or 6 years ago. Some of the houses have had a lot of repair work, foundation repair and other things that shouldn’t need to be done so soon. But others have had no need for any of the repairs. I am pretty certain that the contractor that hurried in and didn’t prepare the sites properly is the one that built those houses that have had to have things repaired.

Watching how they have been working, the progress, the need for one group to repeatedly redo the same work, seeing one group carefully do their work while the other rushes and then redoes things is in makes me think how important it is for us to be more methodical about how we approach life and our Christian walk. Taking time to prepare the site, lay a good foundation, use good material and build it right. Spend time in prayer and study of the Bible, not just say, “Thanks God, Have a good day.” and occasionally read a verse or two. Actually seek God, study the Word, spend time praising, worshipping and praying to the Lord and talk with Him, try to find His guidance in your life rather than saying something is God’s will just because one has the opportunity to move forward quickly.

But, there are a lot that will go to church on Sundays, but no prayers, reading of Bible or seeking Him during the week. They don’t have a strong foundation, and when things do not go well, they don’t have the spiritual foundation with Christ and His Word to fall back onto it. Or, they try to do things themselves and not trust in God to keep His promises to us. I have been in both categories. I have at times rushed, hurried things, had things not go well and then have to redo things. I have also learned to take things a little slower, do things the best way possible and prepare myself. I have been the Christian in the past that only showed up to church but no time with God between church services and that caused me to not have the strength in Him to maintain my walk with God. I have learned to seek Him, to spend time praying, reading His word, asking for His guidance and giving Him time to actually give me answers and not succumbing to various self motivated actions. He has and is blessing me for my diligence.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33


Seeking Him, His will, His way first and He will add that which we need.

Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass. Psalms 37:7


Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit. Ecclesiastes 7:8


I have tried to rush things, not be patient, not seek God first. I worried too much about the moment and did not think about the greater plan that Christ has for my life and took steps at times that required me to step back and redo things. I am redoing things correctly this time, being patient, seeking God first, then I will let Him add unto me all the things I need.


Lord, Praise You. You are a mighty and glorious God who shows us love and kindness we do not deserve. I thank You for teaching me how to live a better life and helping me learn better how to seek You. In Jesus Name I pray that You continue Your work in me, make me into the servant You desire of me. Lead my steps, allow me to be sensitive to Your leading and not try to take steps on my own. I ask You to draw others to You as well, my loved ones especially, that they learn Your will and way, that they know when to slow down and do things in the manner You want. Help lead those not saved to the salvation they need.



Thanks for the visit, I hope something helps someone else see things that they can apply to their lives and obtain a blessing from the lessons God is teaching me. Have a great day and try to bless at least one other today.