Eye of the storm


I was listening to the radio and “The eye of the storm” was played. I like that song, depending on the circumstances going on at various times in my life, many parts I can relate to in that song. One part that got me to thinking today was:

In the eye of the storm
You remain in control
And in the middle of the war
You guard my soul
You alone are the anchor
When my sails are torn
Your love surrounds me
In the eye of the storm

I got to thinking about my time in Ar Ramadi and Fallujah. I was not saved at the time, but I have mentioned how praying parents make a difference, and the fact that God looks out for His children, even if they have strayed. There were many times I was terrified. Most of the days like that¬† was when we were in actual gunfights with bullets hitting the ground near me or buzzing by in the air. Most of the casualties there were from the roadside bombs, but those did not scare me too much. It was the bullets. But, mid April 2004 was one day that I recall having bullets buzzing around like that. I was standing near a Humvee, no where to hide or get cover, I prayed out loud then, asking God to protect me and those with me. Nothing fancy, but fancy aint always needed. He did give me a calm. Oh, it wasn’t total calm. But the fear, the terror, subsided. I was able to do what needed done but had just enough fear to be cautious where I went and watched for dangers. He doesn’t want us to get stupid with our calm, but does want us to be careful. But, to be able to function with clear mind and not dwelling on the fear. THAT means so much and I praise Him for the comfort and peace He provides.


BUT, He can calm us, He is there for us, in the worst of times, He is all the protection we need. Times of spiritual need, emotional, physical. He will take care of us. WHAT AN AMAZING GOD WE SERVE!!!



Here is the video, or maybe the link, computer acting kinda weird today, but, if you can’t see it here. Look for Ryan Stevenson, “Eye of the storm.” It’s a great song with a powerful message.


Lord, I worship You and thank for all the majesty of Your creation. I thank You for reminding me that You are my hope, my safe place in the storms, my Protector and He who never fails to watch over me, even when I am not serving Him as I should. I thank You for my redemption and the gift of forgiveness Your Son Christ paid for on the cross. I pray in Jesus Name that You continue to remind me of those things, help me learn to seek You, show me how to have the heart and mind of Christ. Help me serve You better. Lead me to Your path in my life. Please help my loved ones, draw them to You, show them Your plan, Your will, Your way for them. Burden their hearts on issues in their lives so that they seek You to get the forgiveness and redemption they need. Help as all know the love of Christ.



Thanks for stopping by. Sometimes, the messages in the songs say more to me than at other times. Maybe things going on at the time, maybe when I am listening better to the words. But, take a look at the video if you can, read the lyrics. I am hoping it will bless someone else too. Please, try to be a blessing to someone else today too.

The Calm Before the Storm


I love watching lightening storms! So much power, so beautiful and terrifying both. Thunderstorms fascinate me, as do tornadoes. Seen lots of thunderstorms, a few tornadoes and they are something to see. Again, so much power, the capability for destruction. Yet, I know that God will protect me. But, tonight we have storms in the area, tornado warning earlier, haven’t heard much about the warnings for about 30 minutes, so maybe it is now gone but the tornado watches continue. I stepped outside a few minutes ago and there was hardly any breeze, just still and that made me think about the calm before the storm.

Many times in my life things have been calm with no big issues, things seem to be going great, no huge turmoil, just living. Things seemed to be going well. Then, suddenly, the storms hit! Sometimes was a total surprise. Things happen I can’t control and without warning a lot of times the “winds” started blowing, thunder, lightning, torrential downpours of financial, emotional, work problems, whatever, I have had most all of them. Sometimes, of my own creation, but often nothing within my control brought on the storms, just life.

I know there were times when I was younger that one or the other of my parents knew that a storm was heading my way. There were times they tried to warn me and usually I didn’t listen. Other times they knew, but didn’t say anything because they knew that saying something would have been received poorly or not at all and that I would try to blame them for the storm somehow. Humans are funny in how we sometimes blame the storms and problems on the ones that care and try to help us avoid them. I have seen it happen with my kids. And, like my parents, tried to warn to no avail at times, and yes, at times received the same hostility from my kids that I had given to my parents and others when they were trying to help me avoid issues. I am sure I am not the only one that has experienced such things, the storms, and the blame for trying to help others avoid storms.

Now, we all have storms, but before I came back to Christ I did not weather them well. I had no safe harbor when things got bad. I did not have that comfort and protection. Being Christian doesn’t keep me from having storms, but it sure makes them easier to weather.

For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones [is] as a storm [against] the wall. Isaiah 25:4


For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy. Psalms 61:3


The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.  Proverbs 18:10


I have figured out that the really calm times, the truly peaceful, still moments very often are because there is some sort of spiritual storm coming. Maybe because I was sinning in some way and Satan was leaving me alone, but a price for the sin was coming. Perhaps it was because God knew a storm was heading my way and he wanted me to prepare. No matter why the storm, I have learned that the calm sometimes means a storm is coming and I should prepare myself. Spend the peaceful, calm time with the Lord, strengthening myself spiritually for the storm. And, the great thing is, if no storm appears, well, maybe by spending time seeking Christ I avoided the storm, or maybe it was just an unusually calm time but either way, I still benefited from the prayer and study of the scripture. Win, Win I would say.


Jesus, Thank You for Your protection in the storms. Thank You for the peaceful, calm before the storms. But mostly thank You for showing me that the time to seek You is before the storm, to prepare for the things to come. I praise Your Holy Name and thank You for the blessings, protection and my salvation, for the sacrifice You made for me. You are my rock and my salvation. Help me improve my walk with You, help me have more faith, understanding, give me more tenderness in my heart. Help me show You in my daily walk. Please draw loved ones to You and show them what they need to do to get closer to You, to better prepare for any storms that come their ways.



Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope someone else gets benefit from it as I did from thinking through things and looking to the scripture for understanding of God on the storms and how He protects us. Please, have a blessed day and try to be a blessing to at least one other person today. We can all use a blessing here and there as we go about our lives.