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The most expensive thing in the world is trust, it can take years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose.     I saw a poster thing on social media earlier that really made me realize that trust is something that is valuable, but once someone loses trust in someone, it is very difficult to regain. I […]

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Antibiotics aren’t the cure

I mentioned before that my job is helping people, well, I am a physician. And, at times at work I often have patients come in and say, “I need antibiotics.” When I ask them why, they have sometimes searched the internet and tell me that on google it says they need the antibiotics. Other times, they say, every time I […]

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    Well, it’s June, and in years past, it was always a good month, school was out, my birthday is in June and things were good. Also my mother’s and grandmother’s birthdays were in June. On my mother’s birthday was the day we held my father’s funeral. So, bittersweet, but that was also the anniversary of the day they […]

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His Creation

  I love the start of the day. I like to get up early enough to have coffee on my porch and watch the sun rise. The darkness giving way to light. Seeing the mist in the low areas slowly dissolve. The sun glistening off the dew drops on the grass and leaves. Watch the wildlife in the fields. It […]