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The Peace of God

  Some days I start to pray a while and among other things, I ask God for guidance on topics for posts here and at times, He puts something on my heart that I should write about so I do, and they seem to be something I needed to think about. Other times, I feel like there is something and […]

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Praise the Lord!

  I used to start to wake up, lay in bed, try to wake up, get the fog of sleep out of my head first, get my thoughts to going and then pray. Well, I decided a couple weeks ago that I was going to start praying as soon as I was awake, before even getting out of bed. Seeing […]

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Praise Him

I will praise the LORD according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the LORD most high.  Psalms 7:17   Some mornings, I wake up, start to pray, not really have a whole lot to say yet. Maybe I am not quite awake. But, I just praise God. It is going to be a good day, […]

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I crossed a bridge!

Spiritually that is to say. I believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I know some don’t believe in them, but I was raised in that type of church. It is Biblical and what I was taught. If some don’t agree, I am not here to argue. Just telling about my experience today. I was on my way to […]

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God Loves me, so much!

Well, not a lot to say, other than just wanted to praise God for all His kindness, blessings especially a big one just recently and His mercy. He gave me my salvation through His son Jesus and delivered me from sin. He protects me, especially from myself and I know that is not an easy task. I thank you God, […]

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I’m jealous of butterflies

I’m jealous of butterflies. Some because, well, they can fly. Otherwise, jealous because when they emerge from their cocoon no one questions if they are a butterfly. No one hassles them. They just see them and think, oh, there is a butterfly. Well, maybe not birds, birds just think, Hey, there is some food. BUT, not the topic. Just seems […]