I don’t want God to be my co-pilot


Hold on a minute, don’t get worked up until you hear me out.

Several years ago, a buddy of mine who had a private pilots license asked if I wanted to flying with him. He didn’t own a plane, but he belonged to a club that owned several and members could use. He had one reserved for that weekend and was just going to fly around the area. It sounded interesting. I have flown in larger planes, but not one of the little ones like he was going to be flying. We went, and, after a little while he asked if I wanted to try. I jumped at the chance, I had always wanted to fly a plane. So, he explained operation of the controls, which gauges needed watched closely, and which were important, but could just check off and on, He showed me how to use the yoke/steering wheel and throttle. This plane had controls on both sides, so he said “Ok, now you fly it.” and let go of the yoke. I had ahold of it, nervous, trying to make sure I kept it level, didn’t lose or gain altitude, drift off course. I will tell you, it was nerve wracking, yet he had just been doing the same stuff without any sign of concern or stress. Oh, he was worried about all those things, but had developed comfort doing them all. After a while he said I should try to go higher, get more altitude, well, I got a little too aggressive and went higher too fast. He told me, I adjusted. Then, try getting to a lower altitude. Same thing happened. Ok, turn to the left, then right, and, either I barely moved the controls, or I went a bit too far. Each time, surprisingly, he kept his composure and told me what I needed to do. As we went on I got a little more comfortable with it and while still on edge a little, I was getting better. Not great, but I was doing better controlling the plane. We went flying off and on for the time we worked together and I got better, learned how to take off, how to land, adjust the throttle and fuel mix ratio. It was fun, and, I keep threatening to get a pilot’s license but I always seem to have too many other irons in the fire to make time.

One thing I noticed the first time we flew, when I took control of the aircraft, while I was technically the one flying it, he at first had his hands on the control as well. A few times, I could feel resistance as I made course and altitude adjustments. When I looked out of the corner of my eye, I could see he was helping me avoid making too abrupt changes that could cause the engine to stall or in other ways interfere with operation or control of the plane. Over time, he would hold the controls lighter, sometimes, wouldn’t hold them at all. But, he was still paying attention to my moves and actions, making sure I did as I needed, and if I didn’t he would do what needed done.

Pete was the pilot, I was the co-pilot. I may have been flying the plane at times, but he had the real responsibility and control.


Very often I hear people say that they are not worried about this or that situation, not concerned about finding a job, their safety in a certain place, if they will find the house they want and need that they can afford, adding, “because God is my co-pilot.” You know, I used to think that way. That He was my co-pilot, Christ was there to help me do my job of running my life, dealing with various situations and all of the normal struggles of life when I assigned Him the duty. Then, as I thought to myself one day a week or two ago as I struggled with some relatively minor, but still stressful, work issues, “don’t stress about it, God is your co-pilot.”

BUT, what exactly is a co-pilot, what is their job. They aren’t the one in control, they are only there to help and act as a safety in case the pilot cannot fly the airplane.

Duties of a Co-pilot

There are no flight tasks that the co-pilot, or first officer, cannot or does not do, although the captain will direct the co-pilot’s responsibilities for each flight. Typically, the two share flight tasks, though the co-pilot might be responsible for working the communication radios and navigational computers. On longer flights, a co-pilot might assume command when the captain takes a scheduled break, or they may switch responsibilities for flying and other tasks on each leg of the flight. The co-pilot will also take command if the captain becomes ill or incapacitated.

(from: http://work.chron.com/difference-between-captain-copilot-26656.html)

I don’t want to tell Christ what to do or how to do it. While I want Him to help me with struggles and regular daily life for that matter, I need His help. But, I don’t want to be the one deciding what Jesus should, or should not do, as I remain in control. I tried that, guess what, it didn’t work all that well. Although, by trying to be the one in control things led me back to God, so the results in the long run came out for the best, but that is only through the Grace of God, and not my own doing. Compare the duties of the Co-pilot to those of a pilot.


Duties of a Captain
The captain is responsible for the flight, the crew, the passengers and the aircraft. He has to ensure that all necessary checks are made before, during and after the flight. Typically, this role is responsible for weather checks, safety checklists, flight planning and flying the plane to its destination. Pilots also report any issues or changes during flights, take note of communications from air traffic control personnel and adapt flight plans if required. The captain does not necessarily delegate only routine tasks to his co-pilot. The two tend to share all tasks, including flying the plane. In emergencies, the captain may hand over all routine tasks to the co-pilot while he manages the situation.


So, the captain (pilot) is THE one in CONTROL. HE is the one responsible for all things on the flight. HE makes the decisions. Hmmm, considering that, I kinda have to admit that God is far more capable of being the pilot than I and that is why I don’t want to God to be my co-pilot, I want God to be my PILOT. The one that makes the decisions, takes the responsibility, helps me do my job. Oh, I want to make decisions and have some responsibility as I try to follow Him but I want God there watching as I do so, ready to grab the controls and make the corrections that need to be made. Only different thought I have about the explanations above is that while I want to be the co-pilot, with God as the pilot, I in no way can do all the things He can do. EXCEPT, that I by following Him I can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST. But, I will never have the wisdom of God, or be able to do all He can do.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ. He gives me the strength to do unimaginable things.

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.  I John 4:4

Because, He is greater than he who is in the world.

If I were in church and the pastor said something like that, read those verses, someone woulda said. AMEN!!!!

POWERFUL words, extremely powerful. Not my words, my own words mean little,  but God’s words that I are powerful.

Yes,  I can have some control of things but no longer will I try to be in control, not true control. I gave control of things to God. He is the pilot, occasionally, He will let me sorta fly the plane, but will always be watching for me to start to veer of course. He will remind me and try to get me to get myself back on course, and if not, He will take measures to make sure I do.


Dear God, Thank You for taking the control, for being the One in charge. Thank You for the mercy, forgiveness and salvation You offer through Your Son, Jesus. Thank You for the sacrifice Christ made on the cross and His defeat of death when He arose. I ask You to continue working in my heart and mind, give me the heart of Christ that I may better serve. Please put the same desire in loved ones and other. That they give You control. Show us all Your will and way for us. Show those unsaved the truth of Your word, use me to help You do so.


Thanks for bearing with me, I hope this is helpful for someone. Please share as you feel He is leading you.