He is with me!



Some days, in fact most, THIS is the type of thought that helps me get through the day. There are many verses and passages that give me comfort, help me understand things, help me see how I was wrong before and how I should do to be right in his sight. But, the simple, yet powerful message in this verse tells me that He loves me and will always be there with me.


Lord, I praise You and thank You for your steadfast love, that You will never leave me or forsake me, that You will forever be with me. I ask in Jesus name that You help me remember that when times are trying, that I not forget that You are there and I am not facing things alone. That regardless of how difficult or good things are, the times are better with You with me. Please teach me how to seek Christ and how to better serve Him in order to help glorify You. Draw us all closer that we may all know You and Your love and mercy.




Just a simple thought for today. Thanks for the visit and I hope all are blessed today and pass those blessings on to others.