Well, I got a chance to spend some time today with an Army buddy that was in Iraq with me. We won’t hear from each other for weeks or months, then we visit quite a bit, text, email and such. Just pick up where we left off for the most part. Great having friends like that. Well, we went hunting, but not really, just hanging out mostly. Didn’t sit in one place long enough, mostly spent the time talking and such so nothing to show for it but good memories. It was a great day, weather near perfect, sun was shining, just a very slight breeze, the kind of day one thinks of as a nice day. We never talk about specific things from Iraq, still a lot of pain for both of us so we leave some topics alone. But, we know what the other is dealing with because of that. We don’t need to speak of such. Ever have a friend like that, you just knew what they were thinking, sometimes no need for words. Well, anyway, we don’t always know everything. During the conversation I shared about this blog. He read a bit on a couple of the posts and said, you know, I was hoping you would find Christ. Well, I was thinking sharing the blog would possibly be an opportunity for me to talk to him about it. Seems he had already had his own come to Jesus moment and has become active in his church. So glad to hear that from him as he was about my own salvation. So, we just hung out, enjoyed the weather and the company. Still, such an uplifting thing to hear we both made it back to the Lord.

Thanks, just wanted to share.