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Praise Him

I will praise the LORD according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the LORD most high.  Psalms 7:17   Some mornings, I wake up, start to pray, not really have a whole lot to say yet. Maybe I am not quite awake. But, I just praise God. It is going to be a good day, […]

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No, I wasn’t playing basketball, actually, not even a fan, but I had a couple HUGE scores today. One, on my way to work, took a back road instead of the interstate, just, well, because I felt like it. As I was driving, I see a sign for a public conservation area, well, hmmm, I check the clock, I have […]

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Sometimes, they grow up

Where I am staying for the next couple weeks, I don’t have access to a washer and needed to do some laundry. My nephew lives about 15 minutes away, so I texted to see if I could use his to do a load of clothes. He said yes, and I went up to do the laundry and visit with him […]

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I crossed a bridge!

Spiritually that is to say. I believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I know some don’t believe in them, but I was raised in that type of church. It is Biblical and what I was taught. If some don’t agree, I am not here to argue. Just telling about my experience today. I was on my way to […]

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I am terrified of dentists.

I was looking over my calendar, seeing what things I have on my list to do, work, appointments, events that are planned and such and realized that I have an appointment with the dentist in a couple weeks, just a cleaning and exam, not having any issues right now so I don’t expect to get any bad news. But, just […]