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Sudden Concern?!?!?!?

  Have you ever been just going about your business of the day, not really thinking of anything other than work issues and SUDDENLY get a sense of worry or impending doom for a friend that you haven’t heard from in quite a while? No idea why, exactly what they have been doing, just that something suddenly made you have […]

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The sweet smell of mowed hay wafted about, very pleasing to one’s sense of smell. A bee or two droned lazily from the occasional clover, gathering its food. Today was quite warm, with only a faint breeze; it would be a good day to relax or go swimming, but that mustn’t be. The work that soon would come would not […]

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I am not a crier, yet, I cried.

Those that know me well, know that I don’t cry, that is not accurate, I do, when I have been through something very painful I have shed a few tears, loss of my parents for example, each time there was tremendous pain. And, while I shed some tears, it wasn’t as many as some others, it didn’t mean I wasn’t […]

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Praise the Lord!

  I used to start to wake up, lay in bed, try to wake up, get the fog of sleep out of my head first, get my thoughts to going and then pray. Well, I decided a couple weeks ago that I was going to start praying as soon as I was awake, before even getting out of bed. Seeing […]