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Prayers please

I am spending a few hours at a clinic where I have applied for a position. So far everything has gone well with things but I am more than a little nervous as I get ready to go as I am concerned that I am getting ahead of God and I want to follow His wishes and plans for me. […]

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The Letter

  I received a letter in the mail, sort of anyway as the envelope had no return address and it was addressed to “fool” with the street address. Inside was a letter that, well, was unkind to put it mildly, given what was written. I was going to just retype the entire letter in the post, but it was fairly […]

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The Gift?

I had a recruiter, corporate headhunter type, contact me and asked about career plans, etc. He wanted to set up an informal meeting. He was making things sound good so I figured why not and met with him. Well, as he talked more, things sounded too good and sometimes, when things seem too good, then maybe they aren’t so great […]