Lord, “Fight My Battles”

Great message for me, and everyone, as we deal with all our struggles in life.


When the battles comes from all directions, even from the people you least expected, and you can’t seem to understand how or why. The heaviness weighs on your mind. When the enemy surrounds you with arrows and some straight to the heart, know that a loving God and His Son surrounds you, as well, waiting for acknowledgement from you. Know also that you have the choice to either engage in an endless argument or walk away calmly, to regroup, rethink and face it again when each party is in a better place, mentally and spiritually.  In Him I breath in His calming balm and let Him ‘Fight My Battles’…

    Michael W. Smith  ~  performing Surrounded (Fight My Battles)

    Originally Published on 28 Dec 2017

Thank you for visiting 🙂 Always trust God to fight your battles,

whether His help is immediate or not know that…

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