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I received a letter in the mail, sort of anyway as the envelope had no return address and it was addressed to “fool” with the street address. Inside was a letter that, well, was unkind to put it mildly, given what was written. I was going to just retype the entire letter in the post, but it was fairly long (2 pages) and some of it was very derogatory towards me (assuming it was for me and put in the wrong mail box) and others, so will just put in some of the remarks.

The letter started:

“HI Stupid,

I told you a long time ago not to mess with my business and I decided I’d tell you that it was me that did things and I blamed you because I knew people would believe me when I blamed you and I found other ways to set you up to take a fall and you are not the only one on my list.”

At this point the writer then states they did a variety of things intending to make me (or for whomever this was meant) look bad and to get their way.

Here is a little more from the letter.

“You are an idiot to think that people care about the truth. They just want what they want and then they think whatever you say is true so next time instead of telling people the truth give them what they want and lie so they think you care. That’s exactly what I do and I get my way.”

The writer then went on to say some even worse things about people.

“I always get my way I don’t care who I have to step on to do it either. You aren’t the only one.”

Further crude comments about how people are going to find out about how he gets even.

As I said, it was 2 pages long, but basically the writer kept gloating about how they did whatever they thought would help them get the results they wanted and didn’t care as long as they got their way and similar things. All the while making insulting comments about all they had mentioned, never used any names just said You or they. Then closed saying,

“I don’t care if you tell anyone because you can’t prove anything and everybody else is too stupid to see the truth and besides I can twist whatever you say to make it look how I want anyway because I already did and I will keep doing it too. Good luck with your life you ignorant do gooder. You’re an idiot for trying to do good for anybody but yourself cause it never works unless you know how to do it so you control them, you need to learn to pretend to be good and do what it takes to look out for yourself. You are the idiot I said you were and you and the other idiots will pay.”


No signature, so I can’t be sure who wrote it or for whom it was truly intended. I pity the writer and all to whom the writer was referring. It does appear the writer did things to make someone look bad and felt the need to brag about it.

He that is greedy of gain troubleth his own house; but he that hateth gifts shall live. Proverbs 15:27



And thou shalt take no gift: for the gift blindeth the wise, and perverteth the words of the righteous. Exodus 23:8


Thou shalt not wrest judgment; thou shalt not respect persons, neither take a gift: for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise, and pervert the words of the righteous. Deuteronomy 16:19


Yes, sadly some of the people to whom the writer referred have apparently been maltreated and blinded, words have been twisted, lies told  and the acts of this person seem so extreme that I cannot comprehend anyone thinking that way and treating others like they said they have done. I fear for those that are the victims in this as well as I fear for the soul of the one that wrote the letter who is obviously a deeply troubled individual and being used by the enemy. I will pray for them all that God help them properly deal with the situation.

Whether it was for me or someone else, maybe the address was wrong, I really do not know for sure. I have been accused of things I did not do, so perhaps that is where all this originated, I do not know. But I also know that the author is correct, people will believe what they choose to believe and also correct that there is no proof about origin so, I shan’t point fingers. Regardless, I pity the writer and all that were victim of the deeds they say they committed. I pray for the writer and the people to whom they referred. I hope God works in all those lives.


Lord, I praise You and glorify Your name. I pray that the writer of the letter I received come to know You and the error of their ways. I pray for their deliverance. I pray even more for the others to whom he refers and in Jesus name I ask that You protect them from any further harm and help them know the truth so they can take the steps they need to lessen the impact of this person’s acts. Be with them and comfort them when they come to see the truth and show them how to proceed.



Thanks for letting me ramble about this I guess the lesson is that there are all manner of people out there who will resort to extreme measures to spread hurt and destruction of others lives.



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