The expected end.



I never cease to wonder at the way God works. I have been wondering about why things happen, situations unfold and seem to be moving in one direction when suddenly change. What things seemed a certainty for the future suddenly seem very uncertain, maybe impossible. Everything about the situation had seemed right, but then it changed. Was I off course and God moved to put me back on His path? Was the path I was on correct, but someone else did something to interfere with God’s plan?

When things like that occur, it causes one to have doubts, worries, emotional turmoil and a myriad of other thoughts and emotions. You have that happen and then pray and you are still confused and upset. Finally, you say, “okay God, I don’t understand, but I know that You are in control and I will not dwell on what is to be and I will let You do what You know is right, rather than try to make things be as I believe they should be in my life.” Then, peace, most of the time. Still occasional thoughts about everything, but overall peace with any turmoil due to failure on my part to fully let go and let God. He knows what is right and will correct your steps or the steps of others to bring about what He knows is what is planned.

I definitely have had those situations, many times, and after I give them to God, He makes all as He plans. It may not happen quickly, but eventually He does so and later I would look back and it all makes sense, even if it didn’t at the time.

I was going through that and then today’s verse of the day at Kingjamesonline was Jeremiah 29:11. Exactly the reminder I needed.


Lord, I praise Your holy name and worship You for Your Glory and majesty. I thank You for the reminder that You are in control and will do for me as is best if I just step out of the way, follow Your guidance and stop trying to be in charge. I thank You for the peace that comes from that knowledge and the comfort from knowing that Your will in my life will get me to the point that You plan. In the name of Jesus I ask that You continue to help me seek You and learn how to have the heart and mind of Christ and that I become better at giving You the control as I learn to be a better servant.



I again thank all for taking time to read my posts. Remember to let Him lead the way and to allow God to work things out for you as He plans. Have a blessed day and try to be a blessing to others.

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