The tumbler.

before and after2

When I was young, my grandmother got into rock hounding, hunting for various kinds of rock to polish and use for different things. Started out small agates, colored rocks that can be put into a tumbler with some abrasive compound and over time the rough spots get smoothed out, gradually changing to finer and finer compound that is less abrasive, making them smoother and eventually shiny. Sometimes she made earrings, necklaces or other jewelry and other times she just put them into jars and such to display. But, the difference was amazing. The rocks were rough, ugly, and plain but with the right effort they became beautiful new things.

That is exactly how God does with us if we ask Him to do so and let Him. He has done so me and while I am not to the spiritual place He plans for me yet He has made so many improvements and is still working on me. When I was at a point I was just one of many stones strewn about, not really something spectacular in His sight He saw the potential and knew that when I was ready He could make me into something beautiful and useful for Christ. I called out to Him and He delivered me. Jesus picked me up and put me into His tumbler. I went through situations that were trying, and as I was tumbling around he started removing the rough edges then started polishing me through my study of the Bible and prayer. Christ has made me something much more pleasing in His sight and while I still have some tumbling/learning and growing to do I feel He is very pleased with the results so far. I still need polished, I think that humans never get to that state of perfection, there will always be blemishes of some sort, but oh how I have begun to take on the shine of Jesus in my life. Some will look more critically to try to find every flaw they may find, but He looks at me, at us, differently. God has a use and purpose for me and will keep polishing me until He is ready to fully use me and once there, it doesn’t mean He is done. There will be times I may need to be cleaned and polished again as I make mistakes as I am human and will likely always make a mistake now and again. Not because I intend to do so, but because that is how it is for humans. But, God won’t cast me aside if I get a little dirty or chipped. He will polish me again and put me back to use for His Glory.


Thou in thy mercy hast led forth the people which thou hast redeemed: thou hast guided them in thy strength unto thy holy habitation. Exodus 15:13


Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. Titus 2:14


Lord, I thank You for picking me up out of the rubble, for putting me through trials, teaching me, polishing me and making me into what only You saw me capable of becoming. I praise You for Your patience, mercy and effort. I thank You for my salvation and redemption. I ask in the name of Jesus that You continue to polish me into what you wish me to be, make be a better servant. Help me seek You better. I pray You bring all to You and show us all Your way for us. Teach us all the truth of Your love and mercy.



Thanks for the visit. I hope all have a blessed day and are a blessing to another as well.




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