What’s beyond the horizon?


Have you ever gotten that feeling that there is something GREAT coming your way. A blessing that you weren’t expecting and don’t know what it may be, but that there is undoubtedly something coming that will be better than you can imagine?

I like to take a few minutes at lunch to walk to the little wooded area about back of our building and relax, pray a little, normally just talk with God. Not asking for anything, just happy that I can talk with Him. And, as I was doing so today, I got such a peaceful feeling and at the some time, one of anticipation. Somewhat like opening that present from the one family member that ALWAYS gets something fantastic for you. You may not know what’s in there, but it never fails to please. That is sorta like the feeling I have now but this feeling is far stronger than that. Not sure what to expect, just a huge blessing of some sort coming my way.

I am not able to see it, but thinking about the rainbow and His promises, it made me think of the song from Over the Rainbow. Not a hymn or Christian song, but part of the message is that despite how bad things may be in life, over the rainbow, just beyond the horizon, things will be beautiful and all will be well. That is the feeling He put into my heart. I have no idea what to expect, or when to expect it and I hope when it actually occurs I recognize it for the blessing He intends for me. Through Christ there will be something far more wonderful than I could even imagine. HE IS SO GOOD TO US!

Therefore now let it please thee to bless the house of thy servant, that it may continue for ever before thee: for thou, O Lord GOD, hast spoken it: and with thy blessing let the house of thy servant be blessed for ever. 2 Samuel 7:29


Salvation belongeth unto the LORD: thy blessing is upon thy people. Selah.  Psalms 3:8


The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it. Proverbs 10:22


3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:
4 According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:
5 Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will,
6 To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.

Ephesians 1:3-6


Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing. 1 Peter 3:9


Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing.  Revelations 5:12


I have been praying about a lot of things, maybe one or many of those are going to be answered, maybe it is some blessing I don’t even expect and haven’t thought of wanting, but I trust Him to bless me the way He knows is best for me. I am just excitedly anticipating the blessing when it comes my way.


My Heavenly Father, I praise You and worship You for all that You are for us. I thank You for the blessings I have received, and those yet to come.  My greatest thanks and praise is that You loved me so much that You sent Your own Son to be sacrificed so I could be redeemed through His death and resurrection. I ask that You continue to work in my life, teach me how to better seek and serve Christ and help my faith continue to grow. I pray You will work in hearts and minds of loved ones, bless them all as well, draw all closer to You and bring those not saved to Your truth and the redemption through Jesus. I pray in Jesus name that You help me become what You wish me to be and that I know to rejoice in all the blessings You send to me.



I hope everyone has a wonderful day and that you all are ready for the many blessings He has in store, whether they big huge blessings or small ones doesn’t matter. He cares enough to bless us daily. And, as He blesses you, let Christ use you to bless others.






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