Memorial Day!


I just wanted to take a minute and think about my brothers and sisters in arms, regardless of war or branch of service that were they who gave their lives.

For many people Memorial Day is a long weekend, the start of summer, barbecues and such. Many will visit the cemeteries to visit the graves of family members who have died. Others will be sure to thank veterans and the military. Today is a day for those who died in the service of the country. I don’t object to the other things, and for many years, that was my Memorial Day.  But, for those of us who serve or served in the military at war, it develops a different holiday. Those of us in that group have more than likely lost friends, some many, some only a few, but regardless of when or where, ANY who died in the service of our nation are brothers and sisters. I lost friends, acquaintances and saw others die as I tried to help them. Some, many I never learned their names but those I counted as friends, their names are forever seared into my mind. Some I can tell you about when and how, others, I can talk about that and what was done to try to help them to no avail. It matters not to me, they are all FAMILY! A family that has bonds that others cannot understand. I have spoken with veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam and other conflicts, when the conversation moves towards anything combat related there is a subtle, knowing look exchanged. No words required. We see and feel each others pain and sorrow from those things.

It is Thursday as I write this, I had lunch with a friend of mine from our time together in Iraq. We went through some pretty significant events together. But, the conversation is rarely, if ever about that, we know, we needn’t speak of such. Rather, we talk about other guys that were there, funny moments, well, compared to the rest of the time. Today, conversation of Iraq was the mud that you encounter there in the winter and other minor details that help us remember the less bad times there.

But, as you prepare your celebrations, PLEASE, take a moment to remember those who were lost. And, pray for those in harms way now that God keep them all safe.


Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13


Lord, I pray to you in the name of Jesus that You keep all the military members safe from harm and bring them home to their families. Be with those whose family members died, give them the peace and comfort only YOU can provide. I pray that You work in the hearts and minds of those people, the families and the military that You draw them to You and lead them all to salvation.






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