Sometimes you have to let them make their own mistakes.


I was trying to teach my grandson how to mow with the riding mower. And, while he operates the machine fine, he doesn’t get the part about the actual MOWING. He likes to go fast and sometimes that means he doesn’t get the grass cut evenly, or he ends up missing patches. When he first started doing it, I would stop him, have him back up and do it better. But, there comes a time when I have to just let him do it on his own and if he makes mistakes, misses areas and such then I have him go do that part over. He is learning now that there is a wrong way to do things. Sometimes, we all have to learn from our mistakes. I know I made mistakes a lot of times growing up and Pop, or my dad, or whoever would just watch, wait and finally tell me what I did or didn’t do and I would have to repeat it or clean up the messes from my mistakes. You know, that takes a lot of patience. Letting them do what they must to learn. You can instruct, warn, try to correct before a mistake is made, but sometimes, people have to learn from their own mistakes. And, from dealing with him while he mows, when trying to teach my kids to drive, dealing with students that I am teaching to do sutures, splints and such, I get so anxious and frustrated that sometimes I want to just do it myself. I could do it faster and better but, whoever I am teaching doesn’t learn that way, even though they could learn by listening and watching, many learn better lessons by making mistakes, such as if they make a splint wrong, then take it off and do it over. T hey are learning things the hard way. My dad used to say a smart man learn from his own mistake, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. I have got to say, I must be smart because I sure learned a lot the hard way, made plenty of mistakes and learned from them. I hope I did anyway.

I wonder if that’s how God feels sometimes. He gives us freewill, and won’t stop us from using it. He may place convictions in our hearts, make it so we will, or at least should reconsider, but He doesn’t stop us. But, as impatient as I get, as frustrated as I get, I realize that it cannot be anywhere near the frustration He feels when I have had to learn from making mistakes. I am sure there were times, many times undoubtedly, that God thought “No my son, I wish you wouldn’t do that.” But, Christ still forgives, no matter how bad the mistake, He still loves me and is there for me, to seek His help and guidance, I just need ask and He will show me how to NOT make mistakes.

After looking, I had to find some synonyms, King James doesn’t use modern words. And, that is what I prefer, but I may have to try a different translation.

And many among them shall stumble, and fall, and be broken, and be snared, and be taken. Isaiah 8:15 (KJV)


Jesus replied, “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.          Matthews 22:29 (NIV)


Lots of times, there is talk of errors, mistakes, wrong doing.  David, Solomon, Moses, and many others all made mistakes. God did not stop them, He did not want them to make mistakes but He let them use their free will and then, when they found the errors in their ways their errors were addressed, they repented and forgiveness was given. Like with my grandson, I make him mow the areas he missed. Even though I gave him instruction on the right way, he chose another way, then learned that not doing right has it’s cost. Just like so many in the Bible that went against God’s plans. Maybe out of spite, anger, greed, selfishness, so many different ways one does things.  We still do different than Christ wants. God can and will allow us to do that, hoping; actually, He knows what we will do as He knows all that was, is and will be; that we make the right choice while knowing what will happen and waiting for us to be ready to seek Him, repent, and correct our ways. Christ forgives us when we ask and will then help us get back on the path He has planned.


Lord, I praise You and thank You for the blessings You give me. I know that I have made so many mistakes yet You forgave them all. I pray You will help me follow Your plans that You have made for me and help me not let my human self get in the way. I thank You for the sacrifices made for me to have salvation. I pray You draw loved ones to You so that those not saved will become redeemed through You and draw us all closer so we desire to only seek You and Your will and way for our lives.



Thank you all for coming by and making it through my ramblings.  I truly hope that someone else benefits or is blessed by this and my other writings. Have a great, very blessed day and don’t forget to be a blessing to someone. Maybe even someone you don’t feel like blessing, they may need it the most.

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