Did you ever wonder about things at times? I get a lot of questions. Sometimes, I don’t understand others. Now, maybe I am different than most, maybe I am close to average, I don’t know. But, throughout life, I have encountered about a lot of things I have seen.

Why do some people:

prefer to not admit the truth to themselves about Christ, sins, true feelings and many other things?

are unable to see the true character of a person?

spit into the wind?

not call or text those they know they should?

have too little patience?

seem to embrace easy falsehoods easier than accept easier truths?

deny themselves what they want and deserve?

run with scissors?

treat people differently than they want treated?

seem to try to make their own lives more difficult than needed?

tug on superman’s cape?

sacrifice quality to get smaller quantity?

make the same mistakes over and over?

run from God when its easier and a more joyful life running TO Him?

seem able to turn love off and on?

pull the mask off the ole Lone Ranger?

go from one bad relationship to another, repeatedly with people that have similar characteristics to those they from which they just escaped?

choose eternal damnation over salvation?


The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9

Ok, so I tossed a few things in to see if you were reading. Just some questions and ponderings. I have many more. Maybe someone has answers, I sure don’t.




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