Proverbs 3:6


I find so much in this short verse. Instruction, hope, peace, promises to start with, but a lot more as well. We are instructed in many verses to acknowledge God, to seek Christ, to  put Him first. We are also promised that He will take us in the right path.

Lord, I thank You for the reminders on how we should think about things, to put You first, acknowledge You and Your majesty first. I ask that You continue to work in me that I improve in that regard and that You continue to show me Your plan for me and help me get where You want me to be. I pray that You will work in the hearts of loved ones, bring those who do not know You to You and those that do know You, closer. Show them all the path You have laid out for them.


Thank you all for stopping by this morning. Have a blessed day and be a blessing to others.






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