Verse of the day


I really enjoy using King James Bible Online. Check it out. It’s easy to use, and while at times I still prefer to use a regular Bible, it is easy to search and find things. Still, I love using the real thing more, but I can actually have the Bible with me all the time, find the verse I need, just read some scriptures or whatever. Right in my phone or at work on the computer. GOOD STUFF INDEED.

This verse spoke to me as I have received some criticism and while very little, it doesn’t take much to make a guy question things. But, the compliments and kind comments far, far outweigh the negative and, seeing as no weapon formed against me will prosper, I will continue with my efforts.

Lord, I raise your Holy Name and thank You for the inspiration from this verse. I pray You continue to work on me to make me who You would have me become.




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