I continue work on my parents house, trying to get things sorted, one day I will get it done. But it sure has been a lot of work. Well, I had to run a couple errands, while out, I decided to just drive around. Saw places that brought back memories. Most brought smiles, a few actually made me laugh. Of course, I still miss them, but as long as one has the memories, loved ones are never really gone. I thought I’d try to write a note, I thought about a poem, but I don’t think I could manage one that was very good. Just thoughts about my mom, she had her quirks, as do we all, but a special lady.


I was driving through the town today, past several favorite spots and heard your voice say to me, “Lets go to the park.” The park was always magical, the slides and the playsets. Sometimes, just sit on a bench and maybe talk, maybe not. We’d go by the pond and not really talk, just look and watch. Then, I drove along the highway, took a turn and saw what was always your favorite spot. You said it held special memories. Past restaurants you liked to eat, I could imagine you, ordering something, only eating part and offering the rest to us. The mall, the stores you always loved to go to, sometimes spending hours and not buying anything or when you did, looking at one thing and then another, maybe carry something with you for a while and then decide against it. Went past the grocery store, always an interesting experience, studying the difference between different brands, flavors, sizes of different things before finally deciding. A little down the road was where Woolco used to be, you sure loved that place, its a Hobby Lobby now. Then I drove some more, saw a road to another place you said held memories. You always had a lot of places that held special memories. I’d see you smile, maybe hear a little laugh, sometimes wondering what amused you. Your soft brown eyes, somehow seemed so alive at times. I hate the times I made you cry and love the times I brought you joy. It pained me so to see you slipping away, with me powerless to change things. Seeing the glow in once bright eyes go dim. Now, with you gone, I won’t be able to see them again.

I know she hears me when I say I miss you. Looking forward to seeing her again. I wish I had told her more how much I really loved her and more, I wish I had shown her better than I did.



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