Hello God, it’s me. Am I listening?




Sometimes, when I pray, I ask God for things. I have needs and wants. Some are for me, so rather selfish, some are for others so less so, but a lot of times, it is so I can have guidance in my life. I am, shall we say, going through a rough patch in life with various circumstances. A lot of indecision personally about which direction I should take. I am facing issues both personally and professionally that I do not feel are in my best interest,  like most all do at one point or another. I have opportunities in other places, some opportunities I had, but lost, but others have opened, there will be other options in the future. I try to decide in my feeble mind, what would He have me do. Sometimes, sadly, I don’t think enough about what is God’s plan for me and just try to decide for myself. Make a list of pros and cons, weigh the options one against the other and try to make a decision. Yet, I continue to be undecided. THEN, I decide it’s time to talk with God, pray about things. Look for some guidance from Him.

AND…….I wait to hear Him. Sometimes, I feel His presence and guidance, clarity of thought and mind. I see a very clear path that I believe is Christ showing me the way. Then, later, I get uncertain if, as I proceed that way and there are difficulties did I listen to Jesus? Now, I know life isn’t easy. Jesus makes the hard things easier, or bearable at any rate, but when I try to take the route in life I feel is from Him and things don’t go smoothly, I start to wonder, is it because I heard wrong, or because the enemy is trying to keep me from God’s plan in my life.  Then, of course, once that thought enters my mind, I start to feel some doubt as to which path is the path Jesus wishes me to take. I start getting nervous, uneasy, however you wish to state it, and sometimes, take a few steps back to try to re-evaluate the situation and choices. Still, after all that, I usually feel certain, yes, it is what Christ wants for me. THEN….more indecision and questions in my mind later. UGGGH, sometimes, it seems it would be so much easier if HE would just pick me up and put me in the place, job, etc that Christ wants. Yet, He wants us to seek Him, seek His presence, His heart so, I seek Him, wondering whether or not to just stay put for now, and wait. But, I always heard that the Lord helps those that help themselves, so obviously He wants me to be an active participant. Which way, which path, which is the best for me and more importantly, which is the path that is HIS plan for me.

SO, I wonder, GOD, am I listening?

So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, [and] apply thine heart to understanding; Proverbs 2:2

I try to hear Him, I really do try to understand. Sometimes, it seems He speaks quietly or, is it me not seeking Christ that causes the faint understanding of His will and plan?

Whence then cometh wisdom? and where is the place of understanding? Job 28:20

That is what I seek, wisdom and understanding. Sometimes, I feel like Job, suffering this or that situation, not all the suffering of Job, but sure seems like it sometimes. Yet, despite all his hardships, Job had faith in God and continued to be a good man. I try to do that, sometimes I stumble, but I try to do right and remain faithful.

God understandeth the way thereof, and he knoweth the place thereof. Job 28:23

Yes, God does know and understand all, the path I should take, I just need to figure how to hear when He speaks to me and follow what Jesus is telling me.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Yup, I need to trust Him. Trust the guidance Christ gave me. Try to do His will in my life. Even more importantly, I need to just seek HIM! I have shown to myself that I haven’t always trusted Him with all my heart in various circumstances, trying instead to get my own wishes and not His wish for me. I believe I am doing better, and, yet again there are occasions that I stumble. Not as many as there were before, honestly not nearly as many as before, but they still occur. I still need to work on trusting Him and not myself.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

Why do I quote this so much? I know I have used it many times. Well, I think, other than words and promises for salvation He gives us that this is really a key thing I have to remember. KEEP MY PRIORITIES STRAIGHT! Seek HIM, SEEK Christ! The understanding and the hearing God will come. I just have to talk to Him more, open my heart and mind to Jesus so that I do understand and see His way for me. To receive His blessings for me, I must seek Christ.

Lord, I praise you and thank you for all that you are, the beginning, the end, the Creator of all. I thank you for the forgiveness you gave me and the mercies you show. I ask that you continue to help me keep my priorities in order, that you help me seek you first. I ask that with the current circumstances I am facing that you give me the understanding of your way in my life and your plan for me. I ask you talk to my heart so that I have peace with where you lead me. That I not interfere with your will in my life. Jesus, I ask you to work in the hearts of loved ones that they see and hear you as well, that they follow you and seek you first, then follow as you lead them. That you use me to show others your will and your way as I go about my day to day life and that you make me a better example of you in my life. Help me be better at seeking you first, trusting you, and following you. God, help me to hear you better and to remember to look to you for all.


Once more, I thank everyone for bearing with me as I ask myself questions, as I look to the scripture to find the instruction He gives. I just hope that I am able to incorporate all the wisdom He shows me into my life. I hope this blog reaches that one that may benefit from it as well.

Please, feel free to share this site with others if you feel it would help someone.

Have a blessed day.

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