Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. Matthew 19:19

I decided to write a little while taking a break while preparing my parents things for an estate sale. Definitely a hard task, physically but even more emotionally, many things to look through, decide what has value, either emotional or actual, and that so many things were not of any monetary value, but each triggers a memory of some sort. Some items, not the item itself, but because I can imagine my mother looking at the store trying to decide on this or that. She’d be thinking, “Which of these things should I get?” Sometimes, she couldn’t make up her mind and get two similar things because she liked some thing about one and a different thing about the other. My dad, if he was with her, would have grumbled and said, “Just pick one for crying out loud. You probably don’t need it anyway.” But, he would indulge her, let her get what she wanted, because that is how he was with her.

I see items that were important to one or the other of them, brings back happy memories of them. Sometimes tools my dad used or instruments my mom would play. The records, CDs, photo albums, and then finding some things that had been tucked away, in what would have been somewhere they wanted to make sure not to lose the item. They saved birthday cards, mother’s and father’s day cards, bought and hand made, report cards, certificates from school and Sunday School, so many things. Photos of kids, grandkids, other family members. Things tucked with the cards that tied the cards to memories more tightly.

Sometimes, I get painful thoughts of missing them as well, of course, when one loses their parents they miss them. Thinking back at times I get pretty sad, much with myself, for the times I disappointed them. Then, something else will trigger happier thoughts of times I made them proud. I hope that the pride was felt more than the disappointment.

I wasn’t always a great son, sometimes a lousy son, especially as a teenager. But, eventually I grew out of that phase where we think our parents don’t know anything and we know it all. Finally, I could see how much more they knew than I once thought. Part of growing up. I mourn for the time I wasted being selfish and not spending more time with them. But, when I think about the treasured time I had in the last several years, I relish each memory, so wonderful. Silly little quirks,we all have them, of theirs that used to embarrass me as a teen were what made the some wonderful and precious.

I miss them a lot some days, but also rejoice, as I am sure they are, that I stopped ignoring Christ and gave myself to him. Now, even though I miss them, I look forward to the happy reunion we will have when I see them in eternity.

Lord, thank you for my parents. I was blessed far more than I realized for many years. I thank you for the Christian foundation and the love they gave so freely. I thank you for my salvation and rejoice in your Mercies and Love. I pray that you work in my heart and mind that others will have happy memories of me when my time comes. That they will know to rejoice because I will be with you. I pray you work in the hearts of loved ones to remember the good, forget the bad and to listen to your spirit that they may walk in your path and follow your plan for them.


Thanks for visiting my blog. Hopefully, those with parents will make sure to treat them well, honor them as they deserve, treasure them  and those that have lost theirs will find comfort and peace.

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