Should I post this?

Sometimes, I think of a topic, theme, issue, question, problem or whatever you wish to call it, that I relates to my life. I may feel frustrated, hurt, confused or any number of other emotions. Trying to look at myself objectively from the outside rather than looking out at others. I find myself more frustrated, angry, confused by myself than I have ever been caused to feel by others. So, I think and write. Something about writing it out helps me to see things better. Especially when I go back later and re-read it, think more on it, get answers in my mind and, for various reasons decide it was an exercise for me, and me alone so I delete it. Other times, I save it and look back yet later to ponder on it more. Some of the things are needed lessons for my life, but I think, will posting this serve Christ? Sometimes, like I say, I feel He is speaking to me and He gives me answers and comfort with this or that, but it wouldn’t necessarily benefit others or worse, may cause others doubt, hurt or cloud their minds. Not my intent on sharing anything. Sometimes, I edit, sometimes I realize the topic is good, but the particular post is not what I think it should be and start over completely. I started this just writing and posting. Now, I make and revise drafts before posting. Sometimes, I think just writing from the heart is best, other times, some more thorough thought should be used to make sure I say things well.

I hope and pray that others find some good in these. I find that whether I post, or just write, that all have helped me clear the mental and spiritual cobwebs. But, I also hope that none of them cause grief for others. Then, I think, maybe others will read, feel convicted about things I feel convicted about and the result will be those people having a serious heart to heart talk with Christ.

I continue to struggle with issues, we all have so many issues and burdens, and try to find the right path for me, a closer walk with God. He has the answers and through my writings, my look into the scriptures to find hope and inspiration I am getting closer to Jesus.

And, on that note, looking out, seeing the sunrise, gorgeous morning. Seeing the beauty and majesty He created for me. It is a beautiful morning. I am going to rejoice in Christ and look forward to yet another day of lessons from Him. Praying He use me somehow to be a blessing to someone.

Thanks for letting me rattle on. Just felt like putting thoughts into words. I hope everyone has a blessed day and finds a way to bless others and to show them the light of our Lord.


And the stat board on here shows what part of the world people are in when they view my post. I am intrigued by this. I have had visits from people in US (expected) as well as Europe, Asia and Australia. I would love to hear from any of those folks. See if they find my perspective from the middle of the United States is similar to their own experiences. Drop a note if you would, let me know if a country bumpkin from way back in the US is helping others.



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