I love the sunset.

Before I start, if anyone that finds themselves here on my blog that hasn’t seen my posts from yesterday (I died in the desert. and The band.) Please take a look. Personally was rewarding and painful both to write. I think, and hope, there is a blessing for someone in those words.

Thank you.



I love the sunsets too. While the sunrise is a great way to welcome the day, the sunset has it’s own beauty and rewards. I enjoy watching the change in colors, the softening of the light. It calms me. I also, on days I can actually sit and enjoy the sunset, reflect on my day. What blessings did I receive? What blessings did I help deliver? What did I do for Christ? What did He do for me that I really, really need to thank Him for doing?

No big revelations for this post. Just reflections on better ways for me to look at life, pause, think on the day just over, look for the jewels in the day, whether polished stones or diamonds in the rough. Praise Him for all the kindness He shows me and enjoy the many blessings. Also, ensure that I look for ways to improve my walk with Him. See what I should have done better.

Lord, I praise you and thank you for all the blessings, forgiveness and mercy you have shown me. Work with me to help me better walk with you. I ask you to speak to the hearts of loved ones that they listen hard to your voice and follow your true guidance and plan for them. That you give us all the ability to hear you in spite of what the world is saying, that you speak to your hearts that and that you give us the ability to listen to our hearts as you speak to us. Thank you again for all the blessings.





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