You caint get thar from here.

I again, ask those who find my blog to try to remember to read my morning post tomorrow. I had a burden to write about part of my experiences that caused a significant change in me that was not for the best. However, through Christ, things are better. He is our Mighty and Glorious Savior.   Thank you.


crazy roadsign

I was driving the other day, noticed a sign, no where near as confusing as this one, but still confusing with multiple roads and such listed. For some reason, in the way I think, it triggered a memory of when I was in an unfamiliar area, outer banks of North Carolina (beautiful area if you have the chance) and stopped to ask for directions. Yes, I know, SHOCKING that a man would do such a thing. Guys, please, don’t make me turn in my man card, I was lost and couldn’t find a map, back in Pre-GPS days to boot. I stopped at a convenience store, got gas, drink, etc and asked for directions. The clerk looked and acted as lost as I did when trying to tell me how to get there. Another customer had overheard and said I may be able to help you some, can you give me a minute. Sure, he paid for his stuff, we walked out and he started to give me directions, I tried to write down some, then he stopped, said, “No, wait a minute, that won’t work.” Then, started with different directions. After a short time, same thing, that wouldn’t work either. Finally, he said that phrase that I had heard about, but had never heard personally, “Ya know, ya just caint get thar from here.” Ummm, okay, then how? Well, because of the way the islands, various waterways, bridges, etc were, I actually had to go to the mainland, go a ways, then take another bridge, etc. to a location that was literally less than 10 miles I was going to have to drive about 60 miles. Well, this guy gave me directions to get to someplace so I could get to where I was going. But, made me think about how sometimes, I want Jesus to help me with things, or I want to be at a certain place in my relationship with Christ but, well. “You caint get thar from here.” So, decided to study and see what obstructions in my life are like the water between islands that keep me from reaching my desired destination.

They wandered in the wilderness in a solitary way; they found no city to dwell in. Psalms 107:4

Just like as I was looking for one place on the Outer Banks, we were supposed to meet a group of friends for the weekend. I wandered, looking for a place I was to dwell. Now, that was a literal location, but in life at times I found myself lost, looking for a spiritual place to dwell, to rest, to have comfort. I was a typical man, refused to ask for direction, stubbornly trying to find the way myself. Not something we have in our human nature to be able to give ourselves that save dwelling, that spiritual shelter from life’s storms.

Who leave the paths of uprightness, to walk in the ways of darkness; Proverbs 2:13

Yes, I had left the right road, the path of uprightness and taken wrong turns, followed the ways of darkness. Now, darkness doesn’t need to be someone like Al Capone that was so violent. Even though there aren’t truly small sins as a sin is a sin and removes us from him, when I sin, even only a little, I step out of the path He wants me to follow. Anyone ever been out walking in a park or something at night, maybe the woods? Sometimes street lights, sometimes moonlight will light your way, if you stay in the right path. Then you see another path and try to take it. It looks lighted when you first look, you think it will be quicker, a short cut, so off you go. Then, the path turns just a little, you can still see, but not as well as before, the trees are not as open so the light doesn’t get through. As a human will do, thinking one knows enough to walk a less lighted path alone, one proceeds when that person suddenly realizes that it is too dark to see. They don’t know exactly where the path is leading them and can’t exactly remember how to get back to the right path. The path Jesus lights for us.

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6

SO very simple, yet sometimes, oftentimes, I have been too stubborn to see the truth, that I need to look for the LIGHT, for Christ, and continued stumbling through the dark path. Often knowing I needed to find the light, but forgetting how to do so. How can one find the light, turn on the flashlight so to speak?

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us [our] sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

I knew this, I am sure anyone that read it would have been able to tell me to confess my sins to Jesus I will be forgiven and not lost. Pretty simple really. Ask and receive. God not only will forgive us, but what I sometimes fail to remember is that He WANTS to forgive us! It was, and always had been me that got me lost and refused to ask for directions.

Sometimes, the simplest concepts are the most difficult to comprehend, or if not hard to comprehend, easy to get my human self in the way, stubbornly trying to do something for myself that can’t be done without Jesus leading the way. I only need to stop, ask for directions/guidance, seek His light and He will lead me to the path I should take. The path that leads me to Him.

Lord, thank you for the simple, yet hard to accept truths, that somethings I cannot do without You. Thank you for your love and mercy. Thank you for your forgiveness of my sins. I praise you for who and what you are, the light for my way, the healer of my pains, the redeemer of my soul. I pray I continue to grow in you, learning better to have the heart and mind of Christ. I ask you to give me a humble and gentle spirit when dealing with people. I pray for my family and loved ones that you work in their lives as you have mine.

Thank you, any who take the time to read this. Please, share with others if you feel it would help them. And, Friday morning post. Please read it.












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