Sometimes, the opposite of Good is Better.

leaking pipe

Let all things be done decently and in order.                       I Corinthians 14:40

I was reflecting on an issue I had a while back, and a situation I am in now and how a bit of advise years ago as I tried to work on something applied. I was trying to fix something and ended up with more of a mess than I started with anyway. I was working on some plumbing that had a leak and had done a fix that adequately addressed it, but a few days later I looked things over to make sure I had fixed the leak. Well, as I looked, I saw areas that I thought I could make it better. So, being one that wants to fix things I began my efforts. As I tried to pretty things up so it looked better, I made issues with other areas. By trying to fit things together better, I caused other areas to become loose. I fixed the leak to look better, but made more of a mess. I diverted my attention to where the new problem was and I subsequently created yet another issue. After finally realizing there was going to have to come a point that I fix only what HAD to be fixed and stop. If I kept proceeding as I was then, I was never going to be done. Eventually, I did get all the leaks fixed, but it looked worse than before, but at least no leaks. Yet I had spent many hours trying to make something better that didn’t have to be better.

I thought about a teacher many years ago, who was watching my frustration as I tried to improve my work on a project. It was good as it was, but I wanted better. So, I tried and next thing you know, the project had more problems than before I tried to improve it. The teacher was sort of smiling and said, “You know, sometimes you have to realize that there are points were the opposite of good is better.” And, then recommended I see if I could undo my fixes to get back to good.

I also think of a saying of my dad’s. More times than I can remember he saw me in similar circumstances and would say, “well,  you know about that guy Enough? You know, Good Enough? Sometimes, whether Good Enough is how you want him to be or not you just have to let him be.” The first time he said such I was a little confused, he clarified saying, “Sometimes you just have to let good enough alone. Be satisfied with good enough because trying to make him better can make him mad.” He then added, “things don’t have to be the way you like them, but if it’s not causing a problem, let it be.”

Yup, true statements no doubt. Recently, a situation that, while not optimal, was at least not causing problems, still I thought I could do something to make the situation better, but ended up making it worse. I then accepted that, although I try to be a fixer, the only thing I can really fix is myself and my relationship with Christ. Sometimes, I just have to let Good Enough be.

And, being assembled together with them, commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, which, saith he, ye have heard of me.  Acts 1:4

Lord, I pray that you be patient with me as I continue to work to understand your lessons. I ask that you teach me more patience with circumstances to let You do as You see fit. To wait for you to do your work with me.  I know God that You know how best to handle circumstances so things come out for the best. Please give me more ability to wait on you to have your way instead of trying to rush ahead without taking time to pray and speak to you. I thank you for teaching me lessons. I ask that you continue to work with me so that I will be more open to your ways and not try to do things my way.  I pray that my attempts to make things better are not taken wrong and the intent is understood. Again, Lord, I ask that you forgive my failures, and that you lay it on the hearts of any that felt any efforts were not intentionally done to cause hurt or anger. I pray that I learn better to keep myself out of your way and that I yield more fully to you.

I pray for loved ones and all others that you work in their lives to give them joy and happiness and that you work to draw them ever closer to you.

Thank you Jesus for the victories in my life and for using failures to teach my your ways.


I appreciate you bearing with me. I hope this helps someone.

If you feel anything I say will be helpful to someone, please by all means share.

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