caution sign

See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,  Ephesians 5:15

I have often been quick to speak my mind and have done so for a variety of reasons. Sometimes self serving, other times because I thought someone had need to hear something, and still other times, because I just didn’t take time to carefully consider not only my message, but my intent, my audience, and if it was something that needed said, or something I felt I needed to say. Sadly, I sometimes said things that were not fully considered. Sometimes, they were said with full consideration but I said things I intended to sting the recipient. I have also said things that were well intentioned, but without fully consideration of the one to whom I was speaking or writing. I believe at times my motivation and intent were right behind my words and actions with no intent to cause hurt, but rather to help. Other times I said things that were partially considered, meaning that I said things that I thought about how to say to get my message through to someone, but failed to consider what the actual impact would be or if I did, I may have (and at times I did) intended to cause another to feel bad with my statements. While the human side of me may have taken a  little satisfaction from saying things that were less than kind or untrue. I am finding I have less and less desire to say those kind of things for which I thank Jesus. Because that result is due to His impact on me and I find myself thinking carefully about what my intent is before saying something. If it is not well intended, I hold back. I don’t say all things as soon as the thought and associated words come together. Not to my credit, but to Christ’s efforts with me.

The issue I find more difficult at this time is not the harsh or hurtful words. It’s the well intended words that were not said well or possibly the intent and words were right, but still received wrong. I asked myself a couple questions before doing so, but still did so too quickly. I need to work on patience and give myself more time before I say anything, to better consider all other factors and seek the Lord’s guidance. I very much wish to keep myself and any less than right intentions from interfering with how I show Him through me.

Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord   Ephesians 5:17

I pray that he teach me patience when it comes to my words and actions. That God helps me think and seek inspiration from Him. That I test the words and the intent, as well as the actions before speaking. I ask Him to help guide my thoughts and words, help me take time to not only consider in my mind before acting on things, but that I be sure to ask myself what is my intent. Not only what do my words say, but what MIGHT they say. God, you are working so much in my life. I praise you for that. I ask you to help humble me further that I will seek You before I say or do things to help ensure the motive and message are right before saying anything. Help me to better focus on you, that I can more capably step away from circumstances and only after full consideration of all factors, and with your guidance, think and pray before I speak.






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