He gives me so much!

tree and gifts


But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:19

Now, at first glance, one could get confused by the Christmas tree and all those presents when it is Easter season. Sometimes, my mind works backwards, sometimes I try to find visual instances to help me better remember lessons; or instances in my life that I already remember can be looked at slightly differently to help me remember something. As I was thinking about the coming day I confess, I was thinking of my woes and sorrows. How my suffering is “so terrible.” Then, I saw some Easter decorations which helped me remember that my suffering is nothing, I thought about Christ’s suffering, and realized, I ain’t got it so bad. I will talk on suffering this evening unless He leads my thoughts otherwise.

But, why the Christmas theme?

OK, so today, after being reminded of the suffering He bore for me, I realized, Jesus suffered to give me many gifts. Although, as I child Christmas was a marvelous time. More gifts than I often imagined. But, as good as my parents were to me, my Heavenly Father is so much more gracious and kind. He gives, and gives, and gives. All I have to do is allow Him to do so by surrendering myself to Christ.

Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.   Luke 6:38

Sometimes a scripture means one thing to me and other times the same scripture has a slightly different meaning. The words haven’t changed, so why would the meaning be different? I reckon, it might could be, (please bear with my colloquialisms, I write as I speak) that since the words are unchanged, it must be my heart and mind. I hope for the better. I also believe that one’s perspective impacts the understanding of His word. This verse, usually made me think that if I give to others, I will receive more in return. If I tithe to the church, He will reward me for my efforts and gift by giving me more. But, today, as I try to let my mind become more like the mind of Christ, I see that while He wants me to give, it isn’t really about giving material things.   (one day I will likely think about giving, what ways and things I can give beyond the material but for today let me keep my thoughts in one direction, because, if I go to another thought, that will lead to more, and I will be here typing for hours and someone still has to go to work. )

TODAY this scripture means to me that Jesus is saying if I give myself to Him; He will give back to me, and richly so. He will reward my gift of myself to Him, which is sorta like when I was little and donated a busted toy to the Toys for Tots for I came to Christ damaged, with perfect blessings. I may, or may not, see the true value of various gifts initially but with His patience and my continued prayerful seeking I will gradually see how truly marvelous each gift is for me. No, this doesn’t say if you give to someone, money, a present, your time, etc you will receive that same type gift many times over. It tells me that I give Him something so worthless as me; God will not only make sure I don’t suffer, and will meet my needs; but that I will receive so many gifts, so many blessings that I cannot measure them. If I give mercy, I will receive it far greater than I gave. The same with forgiveness, love, faith, tenderness……I could do this all day, list the things I can give and receive. No, this scripture isn’t just a promise that all I have to do is give a little and get a lot. It is an admonishment to me, or a reminder to me that I must give myself to Jesus, surrender myself to Him, along with myself I must surrender my burdens, aches, sorrows, bitterness. If I surrender those things, which have no worth, He will reward me with the gifts of His glory and mercy beyond measure.

You know, if I could take a broken pair of pliers and give them to someone who would in turn give me a massive tool box filled to the brim with brand new tools; if I could give someone a dollar and receive millions in return; if I could give one a loaf of bread and receive free meals for the rest of my life I would most definitely be getting the better end of the deal.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Matthew 11:28

Yes Lord, I will come to you, I will give you the worthless gift of myself. I end today praying that You Lord will help me seek You. Help me lay my burdens at your feet and enjoy the sweet rest and comfort you provide. I thank you Christ Jesus for all you do for me. I bless and praise you for your wonderful mercies and kindness. I continue to pray for those I love, that you work in their lives. I pray that those I have hurt forgive me and that you continue to help me forgive those who hurt me. I ask Lord that you use me in some way to show you to others and to bless everyone I encounter today.

To whoever may be reading this, thanks for bearing with me. If you feel it may be helpful to someone out there, share. I also ask, if someone that is more knowledgeable about blogs has suggestions to help me improve this one to please do so.





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