A Praying Parent


Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

I mentioned before that I had a praying mother. I almost titled this as such, but there are many praying fathers as well. I do believe that my father did as well, what parent doesn’t pray for their children? But, the power of a praying parent is so much beyond believe. While Christ expects us all to choose to come to Him, prayer for others help them through there lives until they come to the point where they reach out to God. Cry for His mercy and forgiveness. But, until they do, the parents pray for protection, guidance, happiness, success. I know in my case my mother prayed for those things as well as for me to find the Lord. I did depart from the way I should go. I was raised in church, but made my own poor decisions. Despite all that, she continued to pray. Thankfully, her prayers were answered. Sadly, she is not alive to see. I trust that the Lord makes it known to her.

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of my enemies, and thy right hand shall save me. Psalms 138:7

Those prayers saw me through some hard times, financially when I was struggling with low paying jobs. Emotionally when circumstances and relationships caused pain.  Physically, when younger I made some very rash decisions on what would be “fun” I cannot recall the number of times I placed my self in harm’s way for fun. Also, physically when in military I was sent to Iraq.

It was during that time, very early in the war there, that I became harsh, cold, callous. Sadly, when one sees enough death and destruction it truly steels their heart so that they lose their humanity. I became reckless. I didn’t want to die but at times, didn’t really expect to live through that. So very many close calls. Roadside bombs exploding near me. Other times, under the vehicle I was in. One day though, when one exploded, I KNEW that someone, somewhere was praying for me and that God was listening. As we were preparing to leave on a patrol, I opened the rear door on the driver’s side. The machine gunner had stacked extra ammunition cans there so I went to the other side and got in. No big deal. It was just my habit to ride on the driver’s side. An improvised explosive while we were heading to one of our other camps in that city. Pieces of shrapnel tore threw the vehicle. Things got chaotic, but after we were able to finish the trip we got there and someone noticed a smell of smoke. We found where it was from, the driver always kept a paperback book on top of the visor, so if we had to stop for some reason he could read. There was a 2 inch piece of shrapnel imbedded in the book and it had been smoldering. As we started looking to see where it had come through the vehicle, the line lead to a little behind where I normally set and the level and angle was such that it would have undoubtedly been a little lower than the bottom of my helmet. God has His hand on me. There were other instances, far more than I care to dwell on, but one that is relevant to His grace. Multiple ambushes in town that day, I went with reinforcements and was subsequently involved in a several hour long gun battle. The insurgents had placed heavy machine guns on 2 roof tops, there were multiple individuals firing rocket propelled grenades, many, many more firing AK-47s. I had moved a short distance, less than 2 feet, 2 RPGs were fired at me. One passed along side me about 4 feet away. The second struck the building I was next to and when it exploded, I was thrown forward. I did sustain some injuries, but noting fatal. If I had not moved, when I had no good reason to do so, it would have struck me. There were times, many, many more that I literally walked through gunfire, bullets hitting the ground next to my feet, some going so close I could hear them and feel the heat of the bullet travelling through the air. Yet, by His grace I was physically unscathed. God was watching over me. Yes, in times of severe danger I prayed to Him. Other times, the danger came and went so fast that there was no time. Still, He watched over me. All soldiers carry some type of scar after those experiences. It is not possible to see and do what is done and not sustain some sore of emotional injury. I did, and I carried that for a long time, it created issues with my family, I had difficulty going places where there were large crowds. I have improved so much sense then. I thank God for His mercy on me, His protection, His shield keeping me safe from far worse injuries. I pray all service members have His protection as well. Those that may read this, you are not alone in the suffering you carry. Seek help, from the counselors and physicians, but more importantly, remember to seek the master physician. Christ can, and will heal your emotional wounds, you only have to ask.

I have no doubt that He is gracious and merciful. I also have no doubt that He was answering my mother’s prayers. I praise God for His mercies and for a praying mother.

I am so thankful, that she never gave up. Even as she was near death, she talked about wanting me to get Christ back into my life. Those prayers were successful. Praise His holy name.

Just remember, any parent that is there, never stop the prayers for your children. Never stop praying for their safety and their return to Christ. He is faithful to us in answering our prayers.

Well, some personally powerful moments there. I pray that someone find comfort in this, a parent worried for a child. To those whose parents are those praying parents and still alive. THANK THEM NOW! Thank God for that marvelous gift and blessing of a power prayer warrior as a parent.

Thanks again for bearing with me. May God give you all the blessings you deserve, and more.











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